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Kitchen Works and Extension, Nursery Road, Bingham.

This job consisted of ripping out the old kitchen, putting a wall up in the garage to enable us to build an extension to accommodate the new kitchen and utility room.

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This is the old kitchen, we had to remove all of this and take some of the walls down to extend the building.

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The first stage was digging the foundations and ensuring all the pipes were in the right place. We then had to knock down the walls and hold the remaining building up with steels.

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This is a view of the house from the back garden. The current kitchen is contained in the extending part of the house. The other room on the left is the garage. We needed to build a wall in the garage to contain part of the room. This would enable us to extend the rest of the building to the same level, eventually knocking through to make a large and spacious Kitchen/Dining space.

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This shows the extension being built. The blockwork, insulation and finally the bricks. We are very careful to match the brickwork so it blends in with the existing parts of the house. To ensure the bricks were matched on this project we had to deconstruct the original wall and rebuild it all together.

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Next step was building the roof and re-tiling the existing roof so the whole building flowed.

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This is the finished extension with the roof tiles on and window fitted.

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We then had to knock through making the Kitchen and extension all one space.

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Once this was done the room had to be plastered ready for the new kitchen to be fitted and the finishing touches such as skirting, architraves and door frames could then be completed.

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The Kitchen was then fitted and all plumbing and electrical works could be completed.

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Above is the architects drawing and next to it is the completed Kitchen!



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